The AdvancedRM Advantage

Expert Testimony In Event of Litigation

The vocational expert is available to provide testimony and feedback required for the litigation process to establish the impact of an injury on an individual’s ability to become self-supporting in the future.

Understand The Likelihood of Returning to Work

The vocational specialist is a valuable team member to establish whether return to a prior vocation or planned vocation is possible. Labor market surveys help to evaluate whether the labor market will support the return to a given occupation, as well as establish pay rates and salary potential.

Post-Injury Vocational Services

Job development and placement services are available if needed. Additional input on job modifications and ADA compliance issues, all of which may be required following an injury, are also available through our vocational expert. Transferrable skills analyses and employability may be addressed.

Services Included In Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Job analysis, development, and coaching to return to the labor market
  • Labor market surveys
  • ADA compliance
  • Future employ-ability studies
  • Lost earning evaluations
  • Testimony for litigation

Who This Service Helps