Client History

Due to increasing effects of Parkinson’s Disease, Abby required assistance with most ADL’s.  She and her husband moved into an extended care community as her husband was unable to provide the appropriate assistance alone.  Abby began to experience falls when unsupervised despite the use of a walker.  Her husband tried to care for her in their assisted living apartment; however, due to Abby’s increasing needs they were soon transferred to the Skilled Care unit.

Abby received physical and occupational therapy and nursing services in the Skilled Care unit.  She began to show improvement under the close supervision of the staff.  Due to the improvement, the facility’s administrative staff felt it was appropriate to move Abby to another unit with far less supervision.  Her husband expressed his concern regarding the move as he felt she was thriving due to the assistance from the staff in the Skilled Care unit.

Within days of the move, Abby began to experience falls again.  Ultimately, Abby sustained a hip fracture as a result of a fall.  Her condition began to rapidly deteriorate.

AdvancedRM was retained as an expert to determine if appropriate standards of care were met in order to avoid this setback.


  • We gathered all pertinent medical records regarding Abby's medical history and health care to date of her hip fracture.
  • We performed extensive interviews with Abby, her husband, and several other family members regarding Abby's condition before and after her fracture.
  • We performed a site visit of the nursing facility and met with Abby's caregivers.


AdvancedRM determined multiple areas of negligence on the part of the nursing facility.  Abby’s attorney was able to determine a suitable monetary demand based on AdvancedRM’s comprehensive documentation and filed suit against the facility.




With the help of AdvancedRM’s documentation and testimony,  Abby’s attorney was able to prove negligence on the part of the facility that led to Abby’s hip fracture and subsequent deterioration of her medical state.  Abby and her family were awarded damages in light of the evidence provided.  Abby has since made a substantial recovery under the close supervision of a new Skilled Care facility.  She and her husband have been happily enjoying their retirement.