• Abby M.

    Expert Witness Documentation Leads to Negligence Suit

    AdvancedRM was contacted by an attorney regarding her elderly client who had fallen and fractured her hip. Abby M. was living in a skilled care nursing facility and had experienced multiple falls; the final resulting in the fracture. The attorney required an expert to help her determine if appropriate standards of care were met by the facility and its staff while caring for Abby M.

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  • Norman G.

    elderly man regains medical stability and keeps independence

    AdvancedRM was contacted by an endocrinologist regarding her elderly patient, Norman G. She indicated she was concerned for her diabetic patient’s welfare and safety. She explained that Norman is 73, lives alone, and has recently suffered a setback with his diabetes. She requested a care manager contact Norman’s daughter, Gina, to establish services.

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  • Richard S.

    Case Manager obtains key documentation; leads to reinstated benefits

    AdvancedRM was contacted by Richard S. regarding his Michigan No Fault claim. He was involved in a motor vehicle accident five years prior. He suffered a spinal cord injury in the accident. He was doing fairly well until his Attendant Care benefits were denied. Because of the denial, Richard’s mother, who provided him with round the clock care, had to return to full time employment outside of the home. His physical and mental health began to deteriorate. He requested Case Management services to assist in helping his adjuster to understand the need for attendant care and to help him get his health on track again.

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  • Alex K.

    Comprehensive settlement project helps attorney win large settlement

    AdvancedRM was contacted regarding Alex K., who was badly injured in a tractor trailer versus tree accident. Alex was an off duty driver of a tractor trailer traveling cross country when he encountered black ice during the night and slid off the road into a tree. The insurance companies involved were arguing due to confusion regarding workers compensation insurance versus motor vehicle insurance. While this arguing was going on, Alex was not receiving proper care. His attorney requested our assistance in reviewing the medical information and developing an overview of future costs to help him move the case along.

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