AdvancedRM’s team of experienced care managers can assist patients and families struggling to manage and understand their medical care.  We are strong advocates for patients with complex medical needs.

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How AdvancedRM Helps Health Care Providers

Our care managers are able to assist your patient with logistical issues, identifying appropriate medical providers, and care givers.

We can help your patient by:

  • Coordinating care for clients with complex medical needs
  • Providing liaison services amongst providers to ensure communication and continuity of care
  • Providing logistical support to enhance compliance with prescribed medical care
  • Accompanying them to appointments to ensure both your patient and the doctor have accurate and complete information
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Gathering the necessary paperwork and test results and ensuring that each medical provider is provided with a copy
  • Securing durable medical equipment
  • Locating specialty treatment programs
  • Arranging home health care and medical transportation
  • Organizing home or vehicle modifications

We strive to achieve maximum functional outcomes for your patient while encouraging their independence and ensuring their safety.  We will provide personalized and compassionate service that focuses on your patient’s needs while promoting continuity of care through coordinated communication between family members, doctors, therapists, and other service providers.